What-is-cryptocurrency-faucet, and why should we start using them?

On early 2009, Bitcoin was introduced and created before that year for the porpuse of what we are having them today, a peer-to-peer transaction without relying government or bank control. Bitcoin Faucet was first introduced before any other Crypto Faucet for the sole porpuse of exposure, to be used as payment or transaction without intervention or control.

Back then and until today, Bitcoin Faucets brings major awareness to all Cryptocurrency to globally, as well other Crypto or digital coin called Alternative coins boarded to be the same as Bitcoin Faucet, to be used as rewards, which greatly affect exposure.

But not until recently, when Cryptocurrencies are already fully aware and accepted by majority, Cryptocurrency Faucets are solely reporpused as from incentivized sites or Online businesses and digital-exchange as payment, transaction and investment.

The Pros of Using Cryptocurrency Faucet

By just visiting the Site, you can potentially earn Cryptocurrencies so easily. During the first Introduction of Bitcoin Faucet, Every faucet allows you to be rewarded for 1BTC. Imagine if we started to use BItcoin Faucet before, and did not spend single Coin that time. We could be millionaires. But sadly, even me was aware about Crypto and faucets few years, and few years Bitcoin Price was just around 8,000 USD. But did not actually fully believed what BTC’s future may bring today.

Using Bitcoin Faucet is very easy. You only need to solve anti-bot captcha’s or puzzle. But why Faucet Sites are giving free BTC solving easy puzzle? well, After the introduction of BTC on revenue sites or Faucets, Sites like these are commonly called revenue sharing, where as you get rewarded by giving an impressions to advertisements you see on their sites. But not only that, sometimes they show pop-up or pop-under ads which is generally has higher revenue than banner ads. But be carefull thu, some Faucet sites are overdisplaying ads and ads like adult and NSFW Ads, which those type of networks are giving higher rate.

The Con’s of Using Cryptocurrency Faucet

Like just I mentioned, most faucets are actually overdisplaying ads, which ads that are typically very intruisive and some ads carries malware I believe. But not all kind of Faucets bring these kind of ads in their site, every claimer or faucet users are very aware about that kind of ads, and also avoid these sites and move on and look for another Faucet sites, besides, there are hundred-and-thousands of Faucet Sites out there.

Some Sites does not pay. Some faucet sites could not able to pay their users in the long run, could be because they pay more than what they are receiving from the networks they work for to monetize their Faucet sites. But there also Faucet sites which typically choose not pay their users, that are truly scamming their site visitors.