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Your Official Crypto Satoshis reward Platform.

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In our platform you can find different games as it says, Coinflip among others where you can have fun and earn passive income.

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We are known for having the faucet where you can get 1 $ tokes every 30 minutes, we are one of the faucets with the best rewards.

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Level Bonues

We give you priority for leveling up !!! Within our Platform the more level you have you can get up to 100% bonus within some of our available services.

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Referral AND contest

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Referral System

Our Platform has a referral system where you can get up to 50% bonus for each user who invites you to be part of our platform, including in all available services.

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Get great prizes for being part of the top users in our weekly contest, we have different contests such as referrals, activity among others!


Users Happy

Be part of this great platform, do not miss the opportunity to obtain passive income by performing simple tasks such as offerwalls, Tasks among others that you find within the platform.


USD Earned

Obtaining passive income within our platform is as simple as doing easy jobs, such as faucet, wheel of fortune among others where you get 1 usd every 10 minutes



Obtain your earnings immediately once the minimum withdrawal has been obtained, we use microwallets such as faucet and expresscrypto so that you can withdraw your earnings.

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Offerwalls And Surveywalls


Our platform is characterized by working with the companies that give us the best performance with the offerwalls, we have a system where you can obtain more than 10 usd per house offer or completed survey

Obtain your money obtained within the offerwalls immediately, through the withdrawal systems available within our platform

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Last Payments

# Username Address Amount
155Taras1981tEC-UserId-2949580.0076 USD
154Taras1981tEC-UserId-2949580.0061 USD
153imnonbrableTVR4BGWy41ArjkWvSoLcGPVeo7uiqnNMN50.0501 USD
152dasafDR4Pn2S5tjWDNxjRFzsMFbi47CsGD6CkZM0.077598 USD
151Allobolong12pKyz1puvsQT6XGoM1nBxP6EBbqtZJxre0.086592 USD
150Taung16DURhE2BkAysH4kEbx84R72oN2p1mnNUKyF0.05222 USD
149VilanEC-UserId-3322230.0005 USD
148BiulaDavidEC-UserId-5584810.004 USD
147Mamat12318AnLzcubVm9cQp1hHjRnPZWnoDm5mWVYD0.050003 USD
146Saraswathi6592TJGPses5dL7hkxSJ7oYCEYmFGwgo27wGam0.055048 USD
145RehmansarD8R3VDQGiCo98cYRgCmHfgouBxCxoJiSnK0.064229 USD
144DeomirafuentesEC-UserId-5565570.00151 USD
143SwapnilDBtayTtyp5bzDoaXfWUhyf9HEZTMjCKAvd0.050216 USD
142nuitoonEC-UserId-76910.0065 USD
141Chimera1JCtRyxufPyZHMLLh8cg31AHYqUNaS9pYP0.20689 USD
140boukha2003EC-UserId-2070420.016698 USD
139BiulaDavidEC-UserId-5584810.0011 USD
138Happy123DFkBDVNTTcPasCL7EZS8ofN3FhQ3yLP6Zq0.063499 USD
137barabas7771Fjtt8fqNRWAJnKtemeo3HLU4bUABJeykB0.05 USD
136varesha002EC-UserId-21670.028028 USD